Washington DOC’s Operations

Welcome to the Anonymous Critic Blogger on Inmate Blogger. In my posts, I will be providing an insight to the bureaucratic mendacity which is life for the incarcerated people in the State of Washington, Department of Corrections (hereinafter denoted “WDOC”). I will also touch on issues ranging from self-help to satire, and all things in between. However, the main theme of my posts will be about WDOC duplicity.

This blog will not be a whine session. While I may, from time
to time, print some matter with the “FUCK D.O.C.” theme, I am
more concerned with providing you an insight to the inner workings
of the WDOC, reported from the perspective of those of us on the
inside. Again, I’m not writing this blog to cry or complain; I
intend to inform you of matters which the mainstream media
don’t and won’t. I will be a voice against the brotherhood of silence
which is the norm amongst WDOC personnel.

I will be posting this blog in anonymity, using the nom de plume
“Kronos”; this is to ensure that the proverbial retaliation-backlash does not atttach to me as the one authoring this material. I will be providing a mail-drop address for those who wish to communicate with me through the mail. Some of the information posted will be sourced from other prisoners around me; some from personal observation; and some from actual investigations.

I am an 18 year alum within the custody and confinement of the WDOC. I have seen plenty of disreputable acts, actions, and
omissions within the WDOC during that time, from both sides. I
believe that personal change is one of the harder aspects of life to
learn to do; it is compound tenfold when imprisoned and surrounded by the negativity which is prevelent. That being said, those few of us who are able to make the changes necessary to become something more than what the closed minds around us expect us to be are to be recognized for our strength and courage. WE. FUCKING. ROCK!!

Inmate Blogger was conceived, drafted and created by Steven Jennings from a prison cell (with the help of his awesome wife, Suzie Jennings). Creating, and co-operating, an organization from a prison cell is to be commended. Hats off to you and your Mrs., Steven!

As a businessman and as an artist, all rights to my literary and artistic works that will be posted here are claimed and reserved as of the moment of creation, to include but not by limitation moral rights, translation rights, and interpretation rights. Stone City Blog has exclusive license to publish, copy, and use any and all of my literary and artistic works. Except as herein provided, all rights are reserved.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Stay updated, because I assure
you that if you follow my material to come, you will come to

(Anonymous Inmate Blogger)

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