Category: mass incarceration

by Nathaniel McCoy

In reference to mass incarceration and prison reform Angela Davis speaks it no better as she breaks down the effects of recidivism dealing with the incarceration state.In her book series (Are Prisons Obsolete) she gets into details past events of prison reform in ways that are contrary to […]

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Mass Incarceration, by Nathan Mccoy

I would like to expound on the topic of mass incarceration. Michelle Alexander the author of The New Jim Crow Mass incarceration couldn’t,have spoke a better volume of what was and still is.From personal experience I speak of incarceration in the state of Louisiana where the incarceration rate […]

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Thanks/Praise to God In 1790 the Walnut Street Jail was built in Philadelphia, PA. The word “Penitentiary” means: “A place to seek penitence”. “Penitentiary” is derived from the word: “Penitence” which means: “Sincere & humble regret for one’s deeds.” The Walnut Street Jail was the first Penitentiary for […]

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