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MLKJ Day, by Joshua Hairston

Red Rallies ~ Racist Republicans,- Blue Bullshit ~ Deviating Democrats,- Green Greed ~ Poor Politicians,- Yellow Yells ~ inActive Activist,- Orange Orders ~ Murderous Missions,- Purple Plague ~ Limbless Lives,- Pink Poison ~ Women Wronged – Black And White do not matter – Only ” The Content Of […]

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Season Greetings, by Ronald Johnson

I pray all is weel with everyone Especially thoes Families of the incarcerated !!! To not have the Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters home especially from the system Ignoring the laws and over sentencing the poor and disinfranchised… This has got to stop,we Must Stop these Public Officals from […]

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Xmas, by Aaron Austin

To the ones I hold to the highest esteem.Holidays pass then night comes and I lay awake,wondering at the character of the man I have become.I look through barbed fences into the velvet sky and wonder if you look up on these same stars,and pray that your mind […]

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