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The System, by Noni Stinson

Whoever said the truth will set you free….lied! I sat in the county jail for 12 months waiting for my turn to tell what really happened, with the anticipation of the truth setting me free. The prosecutors never spoke to me or my family to try to understand […]

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by Marjorie Thornton

hello. my name is Marjorie Thornton. I am 43 years old and I’m currently incarcerated at Pulaski State Prison. I’m serving a Life sentence for murder. I’ve been locked up for 18 years and I’m hoping to make parole sometime soon. My situation was domesticated…..unhealthy….. violent…. abusive…..I take […]

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Introducing Steve Walshaw

Hello,my name is Steve Walshaw i am 56 and was in trouble in 2001, i made an unplanned mistake, was offered a 35 year to life plea deal if i pleaded guilty to 1st degree, it wasn,t so i rejected the plea and took a jury trial.They found […]

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