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Washington DOC’s Operations

Welcome to the Anonymous Critic Blogger on Inmate Blogger. In my posts, I will be providing an insight to the bureaucratic mendacity which is life for the incarcerated people in the State of Washington, Department of Corrections (hereinafter denoted “WDOC”). I will also touch on issues ranging from self-help to […]

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Prison is a punishment. However, what is deemed an effective punishment for some, may not be an effective punishment for all. Someone may have been incarcerated for longer than they have been alive and continue down the same criminal path. While another may only have been in long […]

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There are countless men I am doing time with that will NEVER see the streets again. Men who will never be released back into society. Many men who will die not in the arms of loved ones but in the prison infirmary, alone, as their soul transitions into […]

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