Category: remorse

by Dana Gray

To ALL those I have affected by my crimes. Some of you I knew, some of you knew me or of me and there are those that were affected that I will never know. This letter of amends is long overdue and I hope tht you will accept […]

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My Repentance Journey- by Sean Brown

To me, remorse means the realization of having committed such a wrong that you’ve moved past regret to the point where you now become a new person who could never repeat that same behavior. Remorse initiates a process of change in how you think, speak, act, & live […]

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Caged Bird Sings by: Leon Lampkins

I stand before you guilty as said. Serving a 62 year sentence for multiple robbery’s and firearm possession. Why I chose this route stems solely from greed. Wanting things in life for free. That All Mighty Dollar [We] praise so heavily. In the beginning I thought to myself, […]

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