by Samuel Jones Jr.

Thank God for never leaving me nor forsaking me.I am in prison for a crime I did not commit.I never thought getting set up was real and only happened in movies,until it happened to me.I been told that there is a lot of people who knows I was […]

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A Case of Actual Innocence: Seeking Redress from the Injustice of the Wrongful Conviction of Chaz Minor, by Yusuf Bilaal McKinney

PART ONE The incidents of wrongful conviction of those actually innocent exists as too frequent an occurrence in the United States judicial system. Time after time, the dedicated efforts of civil rights advocates, and investigative journalists alike, succeed in uncovering disturbing cases of the wrongful conviction of those […]

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October 9,2012 the day my life changed. I met a young man who had just been released from prison. I should have seen that as a warning, that this guy was no good. I had been high for a week at the time so my mind was fogy. […]

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