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by Samuel Jones Jr.

Thank God for never leaving me nor forsaking me.I am in prison for a crime I did not commit.I never thought getting set up was real and only happened in movies,until it happened to me.I been told that there is a lot of people who knows I was […]

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Psalm 91, by Sean Brown

In this time of uncertainty & global panic, how do We cope & not lose Our Selves to the hysteria as well?? It’s easy to stress, worry, complain, & feel lost. It’s times like this though when having a strong Spiritual Foundation comes into play. Knowing that nothing […]

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Hey, Its been a minute, but the missing haven’t been worthless. I definitely have been continuously walking with the Lord. Of course trying to walk with the Lord in our own strengths, knowledge and selfishness we can find ourselves walking a hard walk or in circles. I have […]

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