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A petition was just started to pass the laws that would bring back 65% and parole in Virginia for prisoners. Mass incarceration and lengthy sentences have to stop. Please support and sign the petition. Post it up anywhere and everywhere on social media. We’re aiming at 100,000 signatures, […]

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by Marjorie Thornton

hello. my name is Marjorie Thornton. I am 43 years old and I’m currently incarcerated at Pulaski State Prison. I’m serving a Life sentence for murder. I’ve been locked up for 18 years and I’m hoping to make parole sometime soon. My situation was domesticated…..unhealthy….. violent…. abusive…..I take […]

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Parole in Virginia, by Robert Rambo

Now that the Democrats have gained control of the Virginia House and Senate, will Virginia reinstate parole and why should they? In my opinion, parole should be reinstated and here’s why. In1995, Virginia adopted a “tough on crime” policy as a way to deter crime in the Commonwealth. […]

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