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This site is a collection of blogs written by prison inmates. It serves as a platform which allows them to share their individual stories, opinions, talents, and their inner thoughts. I support, understand, and believe that writing can be a great source of rehabilitation, growth, and healing. is managed by Suzie Bosko (

Hope In The Ashes, by Josh Blount

Apologies for the silence the last few weeks. Life has been just a little bit complicated here, to say the least. We’ve had a stabbing and two huge E- Squad shakedowns along with the covid quarantine.  They found so many phones and other contraband during the raids, they […]

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Tha Ave pt2 By: The Supreme Mujahid Ooh wee look at dem boys spinnin. That’s my main mans Wade right there, he got that cold azz caddie flip flop paint.Waddup doe?(what up doe)Y’all just gonna sit here waste time like this you know time is money and I […]

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hello!My name is Johnnie Cook. I am writing this blog regarding having contacted covid-19 and the mistreatment that those of us face when we complain or tested positive. We are house in a unit where I have no source to reach out to the outside world. The prison […]

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by Demetrius Arnold

Out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks. What does your heart profess to others, is it encouragement, is what you say deemed to be truthful? Is your heart filled with love, empathy, and genuine concern? Are the people that you come in contact with encouraged […]

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Parallel’s, by Charles Garrison

Poem what if these vaccines were merely poison and these books were merely lies imposed upon a child without heroes we desperately attempt to contrive searching for parallels which are similar they sinisterly use to divide with the addition of such misfortune our problems only multiply you see… […]

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CHAPTER 3, by Sean Brown

1 split into 2, then had to find each other & Reunite back into One, That’s the Holy Matrimony of Soulmates, One Destiny under the Sun; Eventually We found Our Way, though the Path was evermoving, Dedication & Persistence kept Us going despite the bruises; Our Journey has […]

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by Mark Blain

(Cont. of Chpt. One, The Holy Scriptures) (or not?). We left off with an in depth description of how the Hebrew Scriptures were preserved and protected, via the “Massorah,” and also we touched upon how a horrible practice of CHANGING the words of Scripture began. Sadly, modern day […]

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HERE’S THE THING, by Sean Brown

The thing about Greatness is that it can’t be stopped, Opposition can strategize & scheme to initiate plots, Yet it won’t make a difference to the final outcome which is their own destruction, Because going against Universal Law leads to all systems’ malfunction. As it is written, “Who […]

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