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This site is a collection of blogs written by prison inmates. It serves as a platform which allows them to share their individual stories, opinions, talents, and their inner thoughts. You can lock up a man, but you can’t lock up their mind.

We support, understand, and believe that writing can be a great source of rehabilitation, growth, and healing.

Rampant Thoughts, by Micheal Roston

Within a placement of thoughts. It verify’s a high rise settlement. Indeed ofrmulation whirl whip entertainment adjustments. Mind, mind, stop run heart rate at a million and one. Blink, blink breath taking ink master. Rampent con over thoughts climax 7 abstract levels of conscious. For bidden by trails […]

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<3 Heart-Felt <3, by Wayne Braddy

There’s a saying that I’ve been quite familiar with during my “Travels”/ “Journey” (My Life) as a young man, coming of age in an environment where “Slick-ster’s”, “Savages”, “Sly-Talker’s”, & the “Street-Savvy” who surrounded us & surveyed each & every move commonly used. Which is: “ALWAYS go with… […]

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Inner – Strength, by Wayne Braddy

I choose NOT to dwell in THE PAST, while they travel in DeLorean’s Alumni of H.K.U. (Hard Knock University) I’m a VALEDICTORIAN! Although they prey on my demise, It’s MY SPIRIT which CONTINUOUSLY PROVIDES… me with STRENGTH EXCEEDING the amount required to SIMPLY SURVIVE & “THIS”…. IS… WHY […]

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by Davin Wallace

Good morning to all. Glory be to God i woke up this morning & to make it more beautiful & appreciative, i woke up w/a sound mind, assurance of who my God is & how much He loves me. i woke up knowing my children & the love […]

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by Angelo Vasquez

Something Damien Echols said he did was to bring forth a traumatic memory and to give it healing energy. I did this and instantly felt the difference, the inspiration that this works and can be done not just towards me but to the others at the memory. I […]

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Brain Storm For The Day, by Sean Lancaster

My life is, love, faith, fun, fear, pain, beauty, fearless, restless, contemptuous, slanderous, fake, true, tender, painless, perpetual, stark,  furious, faceless, harmless, dangerous, damming, free, craving, caring,  loving, yearning, longing, selfless, selfish, powerful, powerless,  pondering, jesting, laughing, lying, cheating, triumphant, serious,  frivolous, important, improper, immoral, tender, soft, hard,  […]

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