Jason Beeson


Please alow me a moment of your time to preoccupy your mind.
To attract your deepest interests and possibly bring to the surface all that we have in common.

Im known by most as Wind from Oceanside, Ca.
I dont have much to offer, but im honest to a fault.
Sometimes my honesty tends to get me into trouble.
Held hostage in this negative environment i try to remain on a path of positive thinking.

Never one easily impressed by looks, i admire a womans inner beauty before all.
My sincerest intentions are to get to know you and one day enjoy the qualities you posses, and embrace everything your essence has to offer.

I realize that as humans, we are accustomed to hesitate towards the “unknown”.
But without strangers there would be no such thing as “friends” right?
We face this choice of creating something out of nothing.
The stars are the limit, but are you afraid of heights?

I can only give you what you motivate and inspire me to give you by your energy.
Offer me a place in your world to share your dreams and asperations.
Rest assured that nothing you have to say will go unheard.

Im reaching out to you,for you, and hope you reach back.
Hopefully something i have said has sparked your interestand arroused your curriosity enough to get at me with something real we can both feel.
No promises or gurantees, just hopes and fantasies.

Its all on you now.
Get at me.

Jason Beeson
DOC #354287

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