Josh Blount

Normalcy, by Josh Blount

     I started working in the prison warehouse a few days ago.  Unloading trucks, pulling orders for the kitchen and sanitation departments, etc, etc…

It’s been such a blessing, being able to get into a somewhat normal routine. For a few hours each day it’s like being in normal society. In reality, prison is a lazy man’s dream. If you want to lay around and watch TV all day, that’s your choice. I’ve never been that type though. I always had a job and took pride in a hard days work.

Having some responsibility and a purpose, however mundane it may seem, makes me feel a little more human! It makes me realize how much we take for granted at times. Getting up and going to work, driving a vehicle, talking to people that don’t have a DOC#, lol. Sitting on the loading dock eating lunch, while 50 yards away traffic rolls by. It kinda makes me forget where I’m at for a little while!

Josh Blount

DOC #270649

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