Anthony E. Herod

Chapter 7

“OH YEAH!” “OH SHIT!” “YES!” “YES!” “Fuck!”
Tammy’s body was shaking uncontollably, her eyes opned
up real wide, “Tammy climaxing hard!” It was my first time
having sex, and i was thinking what the fuck is wrong with
this chick. “I was going in on Tammy hard!” I did exacty what
I’d seen these porn stars do, and Tammy was loving it!

(my boy got ahold to some of
his uncles porn tapes, and we watch them when his people
were at work, thats how i kinda knew what to do)

This girl is scaring the shit out of me! I did’nt know what the
fuck was going on, “she’s shaking and yelling”
Then all of a suden I get this strange feeling,
and my heart is feeling like it’s skiping beats,
I don’t know what the fuck is going on!

I push myself off of Tammy, I look down and see this
fluid comming out of my dick.
Tammy look at me and said, “you’re a man now
little nigga”

I was thinking “WOW!” I just got my first nut.
Tammy was still laying on her back, she grab my
arm and pulled me back on top of her and said, a real
man can go twice. We strated kissing and before you
know it Tammy cussing and shaking again.

Tammy was my first, but far from my last.
I was getting it in like once a week. Tammy told
her friend Shannon how good the sex was and
now Shannon comming over to my house with some weed
and a bottle of Thunderbird with a pack of Koolaid in it.

(Thunderbird is a really strong wine, and it “taste like shit,”
but if you put a pack of Koolaid in it, then it taste like Koolaid)

Now Shannon is tall thick black girl who likes to fight
when she drinks. So we are sitting on my mothers
couch drinking Thunderbird and smoking weed. Shannon
ask me if i want to see her pussy. I was like lets see it!
She took off her panties, and i was like dam! Shannon had
a big ass pussy! It looked like a big peach cut in half.
The shit was a little to much for me. I said what the fuck is
that? She said you like that?

I really did’nt know what to think,
the shits huge! I feel like i want to run, but i just sat there
looking at it. She said come here. So i moved a little closer.
Then she took all her cloths off and came and sat right on top
of me, and we started kissing. As were kissing she started
unbutting my pants. Dam this girl is soaking wet, she kissing me
harder and harder.

She pulls my shirt off, and
She finlly get my manhood out, and she
Pushed my manhood inside her. I feel all this wet stuff
shoot all over my stomach. I’m thinking what is that?
This girl grinding me hard, and this wet shit shooting
out of her. She starts moning hard, i can see she “climaxing”
her climaxing is getting me excited.

“Oh Shit!” here comes that feeling again.
My body going crazy! My like “fuck” the feeling so fucking intence!
Shes going hard now, and i’m sokeing wet from all her juices.
“Boom” her it comes. I yelled “fuck!” It was the best feeling
I ever felt. She knew i had came. She smiled and said it’s good
hu? I just wanted to go take a shower, the shit was nasty to me
at the time. She got dressed and i ran up to the bathroom to
take a shower. When i got out the shower she was gone.

Shit started going real bad at my house. Drug trafic all through
the night, there were fights, and people getting shoot. The
Police kicked in our door, and found a bunch of dope. Took
everybody to jail, including me.

My mother blamed me for everything, and gave me up to
the State. I’ll ever forget the day child protective service
cam and took me away.

It was a real nice day out, and nobody was at my house.
I was thinking how could i get some money. The cops took
all my dope and all my money. Daimond was in jail and
I did’nt have any other connection who would give me
dope up front.

All of a suden i hear a car pull up. I go look out the widow
and my mom is getting out the back seat of a cop car.
She’s pointing at the house, while talking to the cops.

My mother comes in the house with this white lady.
She yells for me to come down stairs. “Andy!”
Bring yo ass down here!

I came donw the stairs, and she starts yelling,
“I’m tired of all your shit!” You need to go with
these people.

The lady started talking, she said Anthony we have
a safe place for you. You’ll be around other kids
and when things get better with your mother
you csn come back home.

I was like “FUCK YOU!” and tried to run, but the cops cought
me and drug me to the car with the lady.
I was hurt, my mother gave me away.

I hated her for that.

They took me to this shelter for kid that was at
the downtown Y.M.C.A

I was kicking and screaming “NO TAKE ME BACK HOME!”
I was so scared. They locked me in a room. I kicked
and bang on the door. I just wanted to go home.

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840

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