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DEAR OFELIA By Alan Thrower

OFELIA. E Ofelia….Ofelia. Has anyone ever told you that you have a old-fashioned name? well it’s okay because I love it. As a matter of fact, I’ve never met a girl named Ofelia before….that means you are one of a kind. Ofelia I’ll continue to write you okay? […]

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Chapter 7

“OH YEAH!” “OH SHIT!” “YES!” “YES!” “Fuck!” Tammy’s body was shaking uncontollably, her eyes opned up real wide, “Tammy climaxing hard!” It was my first time having sex, and i was thinking what the fuck is wrong with this chick. “I was going in on Tammy hard!” I […]

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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! ANDY GIVE ME THAT GUN! Thats what my kindergarten teacher Ms. King was yelling, when she caught me shooting at a crow that was siting on a telephone poll. (I was like dam I missed!) She was still yelling come her boy! I took off […]

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