Jai'mar Scott

the bond between a husband & wife is something very special



hello world , its me again .

i must apologize for my lack of communication , i could give you a bunch of excuses such as I’ve been too busy dealing with the parole board , which i seen last month on the 15th or i am spending alot time with my wife.

I could say any of the two because both are the truth but to tell the truth , it really doesn’t matter because i didn’t write as often as i should have and i ask for your forgiveness .

now ,as to why i am writing right now is because I was out at visitation with my wife and i had the opportunity to see both Steven & Suzie Jennings out there enjoying each others company.

I have seen them at visitation and i have noticed the interaction between the two of them before and i kept it to myself but i wanted to sit down and write a little something up to describe what i seen .

the bond between a husband and his wife is something very special and i have had the pleasure of experiencing that bond through my own marriage but i now can recognize that bond when i see it and i see it with Steven & Suzie.

I want to say thank you for being an example for those who have lost faith in their relationship/ marriage due to distance , that it is possible to maintain and have a healthy relationship/marriage in the mist of so many broken promises and shattered dreams within the belly of the beast that we know as doing time .

when there are others around you who are in different stages of struggle in their relationship/marriage , it is refreshing to see happiness in a room full of uncertainty and despair .

if i could offer one single piece of advice it would be , “keep loving each other and never forget that it’s all about the two of you . the rest of the world doesn’t exist , never neglect one another and always support and believe in each other.”

may your relationship/marriage continue to grow , be prosperous and filled with love and happiness.

as always , be safe out there. until the next time.

Jai’mar Scott
DOC #970703

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