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Inmate Blogger Co-Founders

Steven & Suzie were married in February of 2014, in a prison visiting room. Suzie created a WordPress blog for Steven in 2013, titled Stone City Blog, where he could share his incarcerated journey, and also to help promote his ebook. Steven loved writing and blogging his thoughts for his […]

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So this county clerk in Kentucky refuses to issue marriage licenses because she (or her god) doesn’t like gay marriage. I agree with her one-hundred percent. After all, she’s just trying to save her eternal soul. She worships a god that’s going to damn her if she attaches […]

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So Alabama became the 37th state to allow gay marriage … but of course a lot of the districts defied the federal court mandate and weren’t allowing the couples to wed anyway. In the deep south, no way! 🙂 I just can’t understand why people CARE so much. […]

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