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the bond between a husband & wife is something very special

  hello world , its me again . i must apologize for my lack of communication , i could give you a bunch of excuses such as I’ve been too busy dealing with the parole board , which i seen last month on the 15th or i am […]

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When I got sentenced to 18 years in prison, I had a facebook page friend list over 5 hundred. I would sell between 35 and 85 tickets to friends and family to my amature cage fights. In the last three years of incarseration 9 people have come to […]

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Amazing love story !

Yestarday I had great visit with my baby, She always makes me feel so great.Even though we talk everyday we still have so much to talk about. She had greatday with her mom and sister for mothers day she took them out to get nails done. Also her […]

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