Anthony E. Herod


ANDY GIVE ME THAT GUN! Thats what my kindergarten
teacher Ms. King was yelling, when she caught me shooting at
a crow that was siting on a telephone poll. (I was like dam
I missed!) She was still yelling come her boy! I took off
Running through the park. She never called the police.
But she did go and tell my mother.

So when i got home latter that day my mother ran up
on me and was like “BOY!” YOU GOT A GUN?!
I was like “NO!” She said nigga if i find a gun i’m going
To “kill your little ass!” Ms. King came to the house and
said she saw you shooting at some birds in the park
right outside the school.

I was like mom that was’nt me! I was at Sunny’s house working
on his bike. (we stoled bikes from the other
side of town and took off the best parts of the bikes,
spray paint the parts and put them on our bikes.
That way if the cops or if some one seen our bike
they wound’nt notice that it was their parts on our
bikes) She said if i catch you with a gun, i’m going
to beat you so bad you’ll never be able to walk again!
I sware on my right hand to God, boy you better not have
a gun! “Mom” i don’t got one, i sware!
Ok you better not!

Man i can’t let this lady catch me with this gun!
She’ll really goimg kill me. I beleaved her when she said
that she would kill me.

My mom started smoking crack real thugh after all that
shit happen, so she really never gave a fuck what
I did after that. My home boy Diamond gave me a
fat sack of crack cocain, and said just give me a
hundred bucks, “little homie”. I was like yep!

I maid like three hundred dollars off that sack of crack.
I gave Diamond his money and showed him how much
money i maid off the dope he gave me. He smiled
and gave me a hug, and said what you going to do with
all that money?

“I was like” “shit!” i don’t know.
What should i do with it? He said, you should
put some up and spend a little on a some cloths.
He gave me another sack of crack, and said this is
Twice of what i gave you last time, you should make
a killin off this one. He also said not to take it all with
me at once, to put some up just incase something happen.

I did just what he said, and made the most money
I’ve ever seen in my life. I had about six hundred dollars,
and i felt like i was “RICH!” at the age of twelve.

All i did was sell dope. I even sold dope
right out my house in the projects. My mother
was happy there was some dope in the house,
and she got to smoke with everybody who came to
cop. I gave her some to keep her off my back from
time to time. (now that i think about it, the shit was
all messed up, but thats how my life was growing
up in the projects.)

One day i was outside the gym selling dope right on
12th ave with some of my friends, a crackhead
walked up to me and said he wants a twenty dollar
rock. So i look around to see if there was any cops watching,
No one was looking so i pulled out my sack of crack,
and this fucking crack’head grab it and tried to run off
with it!

Crazy Cuz seen what had happen, and the crackhead tried to
run right by him. Crazy cuz stuck his lag out and trip him.
The crack head feel dead on his face. I was right behind
him when he hit the ground. He tried to get to his
feet but it was to late! I jump on his back, and Crazy Cuz
punched him hard right on the side of his head,
spliting the man eye open. I had him in a head lock.
He had the crack sack in his had, and i was trying
to get him to let go of it.

I kept saing let go of my shit!
Crazy Cuz just kept punching him. He would not let go!
Some of the other kids came over and started beating his
ass. He was bleeding all over the place, but he would
not let go the that crack until somebody kicked him
so hard it knock him out! Man i had blood all over me.

I pulled my sack from his hand, and some man
started yelling “I’M CALLING THE POLICE!
I ran home and got out of those bloody ass cloths
took a shower, and went right back to selling crack.

Now there was this beautiful older girl name Tammy.
Tammy was the first girl i’ve ever had sex with.
I’ve kiss a girl, and played mommy and daddy,
but never have i ever had sex with a girl until

Tammy was sixteen and i was thirteen, at the time.
I was really cute kid and all the girls wanted
to play in my curly hair, and walk with me where ever
I went. Now that i was making money and dressing
like it, girls wanted to see if they could get, some.

This girl Tammy was really hot!, she a black girl with long
hair, She about 5’5, 130 lbs with a really nice ass.
All the guys wanted to get with her but she always played
hard to get.

Tammy came over to my house one night, i could tell
she had been drinking. She sat down on the couch
and told me to come sit next to her. So i did, and she
laid back and prop up her right leg on back of the couch
she licked her lips, and ask me if i wanted to kiss her.
I said you know i do, and she grab my head and pulled my towards
her face, and started kissing me.

I noticed she had her
had in her pants and she was rubbing her self. She took
her hand from her pants and was pulling on my rock hard
erection. I never had a girl touch me like that before
and i was loving it!

She pulled her pants down to her butt, and i took them
off the rest of the way. She did’nt let me take off her
panties. So i sat up on the couch watching her licking,
her lips, and she pushed her hand donw her panties
and started rubbing her self again. I was watching
her stairing at me while playing with her self. She
look to be “climaxing!”

She was shaking and moaning,
and licking her lips hard. She grab my belt unbutten
my pants and pulled out my man hood. Then we heard the front
door open. I was like “o’shit!” It’s
My mom!

We scrambled to get dressed. But it was to late!
My mother was comming down the stairs. She seen Tammy
pulling up her pants and said “what the hell you two
doing!?” She strated laughing and said my lil man is
trying to get his whistle wet.

I was just anout to get my first pice of ass, and here
comes mom, busting up my little Tammy party.
Tammy gave my a kiss and said next time we can
go to my house, i have a lock on my door.
I was made as hell!

Two weeks later i was over Tammy’s house trying to
Lose my virginity. It was crazy what Tammy wanted
me to do to her!

“To Be Continued”


A Note to the readers: This is a story of how my life
was growing up, and i do not engage in this type of
thinking nor do i engage in this type of activity.
Everything i do now is for the love and respect i have
for life and the love and respect i have for others.
I choose success not ignorance. Love, understanding, and
Knowledge, is the key to having success and happiness
in ones life. Open up your hearts and help those who
may need you, and one day the univers will bless you
for it!

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840

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