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Remembering One Night

One of the joys of tracking back through a life is discovering a gem of a moment that has passed and realizing how wonderful it truly was. Asking yourself ‘why did I forget about that?’. A few month’s ago I stumbled upon an amazing twenty four hours that […]

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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! ANDY GIVE ME THAT GUN! Thats what my kindergarten teacher Ms. King was yelling, when she caught me shooting at a crow that was siting on a telephone poll. (I was like dam I missed!) She was still yelling come her boy! I took off […]

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The year 1987 I was thirteen, when i got my frist gun. Crack Cocain strated surging through our neighborhood like the plague. There was so many people getting high, it was crazy! Thats when the gang wars started. The first gang to penetrate our projects was the LA […]

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