Todd Bass

Testing the water

So this is just a test of my ability to articulate whats on my mind to the blogosphear. This is only a test………….

I am surounded by negativity.

My day was filled with numorous tests of my ability to navagate the emotional land mines set forth by strangers, officers and even my friends and elders.

Today was especially trying.

The atmosphear was a little more hostile than usual. One of the well know officers died of a heart attack here at the facility just before lunch. The mainline was a reckless mix of emotions on both sides.

The officers were shittier then usual, like we had somthing to do with the event. As for our side, there were the usual mix of heartless comments about the loss of life. So much hate and disscontent on my team. I dont even waste my breath, but that was a human being regardless of his occupation.

I had a fair relationship with the late officer. He was a regular where I worked and we joked and had the usual mutual banter back and forth.
I guess he could be less than social if you got out of line. I been doing this long enough that I am abel to avoid most confrontations, So I never had a problem with him.

At the end of the day, no matter what team you play for or what side your on, we are all human.

That was my day in a nutshell.
Thanks for listining.

Todd Bass
DOC #861671

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