Stressed and Ready, by Donna Millwood

Ok so things here are continuing to get more stressful by the minute and the only thing here that is consistent is the inconsistency of it all. One day you follow these guidelines and the next it is another. I keep hearing about possible releases due to the virus outbreak but have yet to see anyone actually leave. Like i said before i am a parolee and not an actual prison inmate so i have no idea how the releases apply to my situation or how it will work and i have no confort in this situation at all. I need a lawyer that is skilled with parole and that will be willing to get me home asap.. I can pay and would give my last dime to get home to my children. I am open to any advice or helping hands that could be lent to me in this situation. I know that it would help for people to be calling on my behalf. I just dont know where to start and feel like i am spinning my wheels and getting no where… Its so stressful… I also just dont understand how some laws and things apply to the outside world about social distancing and what is acceptable in the world today but they dont apply here? How we are continuly being forced into large crowds of people and how our health is of no concern. I am constantly finding my anxiety level through the roof and am having a hard time controlling my fear. I still cannot call anyone because the facility has not fixed my call list so all i have is time and my frantic mind. Im worried sick! Like i said before if anyone reading this would like to extend a hand and try to help get me noticed by whomever to hopefully get home call gordon county parole (city of calhoun ga, officer scott), or bartow county parole (city of Cartersville ga, parole supervisor), and the georgia parole board.. Give them my information and tell them I am in jeopardy everyday of becoming ill and i shouldnt be serving a death sentence… Free Donna Millwood.. Also pray for me I will appreciate it so much. Thank you for taking the time to read my words. Thank you! Im praying daily for release and also for relief.

Donna Millwood, 37 yr old female, I live in Euharlee Ga, I am currently incarcerated in Pulaski State prison in Georgia, I am here in a 9 month Rsat program and the latest I will be released is in December of 2020…. Praying for a sooner release to my children

Donna Millwood #1251990
Pulaski State Prison E1
P.O. Box 839
Hawkinsville Ga 31036

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