John Seay

Bring Parole Back to Virginia, by John Seay

The Virginia Senate will hear Senate Bill No.91, this bill if passed will give those sentenced after January 1, 1995 the opportunity to go up for discretionary parole. It’s been 25 years since parole was abolished in the state of Virginia. The prison system is overcrowded and under staffed. This system is costing millions of dollars a year to taxpaying citizens of Virginia to house many that could be self sustaining members of society if only given a second chance. Look there’s some really remorseful, talented, capable, men and women ready to give back to the communities their actions have effected. I’m just one of many striving for a second chance to live and become a productive member of society. This June will be my 16th year of incarceration, I came in at 23 years old and I turn 39 next month. The one thing I want most out of this life is a family. Each year that passes I pray more for my release to start the journey of finding a wife so I can create that family I’ve always wanted. I now know what love is because I know who created love and me, God! In order to truly love and have genuine relationships, we have to know who we are and where love came from. At 33 years old, in prison, I finally figured out who I am. I’m a child of God and He loves me, I’m forgiven, I now know mercy and grace, I’m highly favored and saved through my faith in Jesus Christ. The last six years have been peaceful because its not my life anymore, I surrendered it to Christ.

None of us as humans are perfect, we’re all broken and need help in some way. Pride use to hold me back from acknowledging this fact but glory to God I’m no longer walking in darkness and know the one and only true way, Jesus Christ!! Still have some unchristlike moments but they are few and far in between, after all this is a lifelong process and I’m not perfect. This is just a little insight into the mind of a man who’s seeking a second chance to live in society to serve his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and start a family. This Senate Bill No. 91 is one step closer to making this a reality.The Nottoway Tabernacle Church of Love invites you to fast with us and keep Senate Bill No. 91 and the parole situation in your prayers. Thank you for your time and prayers, God Bless You :0)

John Lewis Seay
DOC #1186157

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