Harvey Banner

What We Contribute To A Society We Are Not Apart Of, by Harvey Banner

We are asked to be ready at a moments notice to assimilate to a society who once rejected us without a grudge. Cool, I for one have no complaints. I’ve accepted that I put me HERE. I also recognized how I can stop others from coming here, for the past few months I have befriended a guy who has the chance to get out of here and make something out of his life so how I help him is spending time with him sometimes its recreational sometimes its constructive nonetheless he went to see the parole board and was basically given his parole. Our interaction has change his out look on life and he wants to be someone his children can look at and be proud of. So how does this help society you ask? With people returning to prison just as fast as they are being release the interaction between inmates like myself, chance for life facilitator’s, peer to peer mentors help to keep the youth who exit prison out and prevent more from coming in. To be the example of what happens when you make a bad decision is just as important as a reward for making good decision to be able to understand the ambition to want to sell drugs, steal cars, rob, or do a crime period. When you have someone’s understanding of why you want to do this with no judgements and they can get you no longer want to do this. Imagine if you had a lot of these men to interact with troubled youth I am sure the youth on their way to prison would greatly be reduced. Just as well as being able to punish there has to be a reward but the reward for doing good needs to be more satisfying than the allure of doing wrong.

Harvey Banner
DOC #362241

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