Mark Blain

From The Pages of Freedom Fighters, by Mark Blain

Well, readers of the “,” I find myself in a rather predicament and needing your assistance, if at all possible.

I’ve been incarcerated for nearly 40-years now. I have been eligible for parole, under Virginia’s “Old Law” statutes (pre-1995), for 20-years of that 40. During that period I have watched as a myriad of inmates have made parole, some multiple times on the same offense, as well as having convicted NEW crimes while on parole, and then recidivating. Some 3-times and even one 4-times, and ALL of those comparisons had crimes similar to mine or worse, with two being serial murderers of 5 or more counts, and one murdering a police officer and made parole twice. And, yet, year after year, I am turned down.

My crimes presently are 1) Capital Murder, Armed Robbery, Illegal Use of a Firearm, with Life plus 42 years on it; and this sentence, according to Virginia’s “CORIS LEGAL UPDATE,” was satisfied/completed in 1995; and 2) !st Degree Mueder, and Robbery, with Life plus 25 years on it; and I am presently serving that sentence, but according to Virginia’s Statutes, and Their Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, of the Virginia General Assembly, I satisfied ALL sentences after serving 30 years total, and, yet, I am still incarcerated.

Thus, my dilemna. To this end, I am planning on addressing my situation via LEGAL ACTION, and in need of ANY assistance ANYONE may be able to provide. Such assistance, of course, can be in the form of WHATEVER one may wish to provide, whether it be LEGAL REPRESENTATION, ACCESS TO LEGAL MATERIALS, LEGAL RESEARCH, or if one so desires, FINANCIAL AID. This last request sometimes causes people to be leary of helping prisoners with such. To alleviate any fears of misuse of funds, I am setting up an account that can ONLY be accessed for LEGAL HELP! In other words, I cannot spend any of the funds on personal needs.

If anyone wishes to provide me with personal funds also, you may simply send such electronically through the website

Thank you for your time and efforts in consideration of my cause.


Mark Blain #1154225
Nottoway Corr. Ctr.
P. O. Box 488
Burkeville, Va. 23922


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  1. Mark, with all due respect, you genuinely don’t deserve parole. After you were sentenced to life for killing a person, you proceeded to kill “Old man White” for a watch. And I know well that you assaulted other people, possibly intending to kill them as well. You are a killer in nature. If you ever receive mercy it’s not because you deserve it. It’s a favor. Show some remorse.


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