by Dana Gray

Hi there. I now have a page on

Please check it out and let me know if there is something you would want to know or for me to say. I figured my case is so public that to tell you about it now wouldn’t be as insightful as showing you who I am today and how I really feel about it. What I wrote is genuine. I welcome any feedback, so please do!

I do not have internet or access to see what you wrote or if you signed the petition so a note directly would be greatly appreciated. You may be able to attach a photo which would be nice so when I am lucky enough to get a copy to see it I can see you!

The petition is for a chance at a parole eligible sentence. Just because one is commuted does not mean they walk out of prison. No. I’d still have to earn it by going to the Board of Parole and then be approved. That is no small thing. I am just asking for support to show who am TODAY. It’s been 26 years and I have done quite of bit of self-work, crime insight processing and accountabiity. I continue to do so. It is a part of my life as well as recovery that I take seriously. So thank you for just taking a moment for me.

Oh…and I believe there is a short 9 minute film of me from 40 years ago.


Dana Gray #W76776
512-17-04 low
P.O. Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610
Write me if you want.

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  1. This woman killed my grandmother so she could shop. There is no coming back from that, and I believe she would do it again because she is obviously sick.


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