Introduction Blog, by Maurice A. Baker

my name is Maurice A. Baker I’m currently incarcerated at Nottoway Correctional Center serving a 51 year sentence release date is 2058.for a 1st degree murder charge that I didn’t even evidence against me by the Commonwealth but inmates testimony.which the murder weapon was found and my DNA was not found.right now a hired attorney has filed an absolute pardon on behalf.
my issue is simple
how can the Commonwealth use jailhouse inmates in trials especially when they been locked up when the crime happen to the case they’re being used on?its not right and the commonwealth is not being held responsible.but a jailhouse inmate can’t help u but they can only be use to convict.I know that I’m not the only one that’s going thru this ongoing issue. i can count a few people I know that’s incarcerated with no evidence just inmates testimony just to get a time cut.its hard dealing with these type of issues on a daily basis especially when u are locked up for something u didn’t do the Commonwealth attorneys sleep at night knowing that there cases was only base on inmates testimony and not a real slam dunk.I guess they figure as long as they get a conviction.plain and simple its prove that it happen to trial was June 1-4 2009 in Norfolk,Va in the circuit courts of Norfolk, sitting in here knowing you’re innocent I mean honesty there is nothing u can do but keep fighting. I never understood how the innocent felt until it actually happen to me. sometimes u feel helpless but to everyone that’s going thru what I’m going thru just stand strong and keep fighting I’ll voice would be heard one day. I’m going to be the one that says it MY biggest fear is losing family while in here.i lost my grandmother in Jan 2010 and that hurt till this day. so imagine coming home 2058 and there is no one u know thats the question is Would u still want to be release at 76-78 years old or u rather stay here in prison and just die?honestly that’s something I ask myself everyday. with me I have 3 kids and they all would be in there 50s.its scary to even think about.I been locked up for 12 years now and this is the longest that I ever been locked up and I got a understanding of everything which is life,family, and learning that there is no such thing as friends they are just temporary people cause at the end of the day the only people that’s there till the end is FAMILY! it had to take me to get time to take a grasp on life plus I’m older now (38).my goals is to help the needy,find organization that I’m into to give back and just to speak to young ones that’s headed down wrong road cause whats missing is guidance out there and I was reading a newspaper clip about issues that’s going on norfolk,va and a young man in the clip stated that its all they no and that’s to SHOOT! and that’s sad to hear so if i was to get out I got to step in to let them hear my pass and what u can become.and before I end this this police officer name Sam Mitchell and my juvenile P.O name Vann Mitchell in Norfolk, va and I remember when I was young getting in trouble they use to come out no where and help me to get me on the right track and I never understood him until now.the young ones out there need to be guided before its
to late..

Maurice A. Baker
DOC #1140858


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