Angelo Vasquez

by Angelo Vasquez

Hello I am wrongfully incarcerated and due to SB 1437 (aka pc1170.95) passing back in 2018. My 1437 hearing has been finally granted! Even the DA agreed with us, so the Appeals Court ordered the lower court to ‘reverse and remand’ my case. This was early April of 2020 and I have not received a court date since! Pomona Superior Court is the court I’m assigned to and they refuse to give me a court date. It isn’t because of covid-19 because they’ve scheduled hundreds of others court dates. No it’s just me and this is why I’m reaching out to you, I’ve been in prison since I was 16 years old I’m 30 now. I can’t be released until they schedule my court date, please help. My case isn’t gang related, the actual shooter was bullied and finally snapped.He confessed to it all the same day! I went to police as a witness and was given 25 to life! I can prove my innocence but I can’t if they don’t let me in court. thank you for your time. My name and CDC is Angelo Vasquez cdc#G07505
I’m currently in SATF state prison.

Superior Court number KA 074614-03
Court of Appeal number: B299126

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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  1. How are you innocent you are full of crap and know damn well your not innocent you deserve life whether your 16 or not you knew exactly what your intentions where when you went and got Guns to go with Chris murry knowingly you were going to run into Demetrius and Chris treviso just happen that Chris murry pulled the trigger because your a straight coward please stop with all your bullshit making people think your innocent and Actually getting money from people who believe your non sense why don’t you tell them the truth that’s why your in there because you were involved wether you killed Demetrius and Chris or not you were there and feld the scene and your mom tried to hide you but then you went to the police afterwards your pathetic and you know it this was all Pre meditated


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