Fighting for my freedom, by Isadore Barboza

I’ve been fighting for my freedom since 2013 and without assistance I die in prison for a crime I did not commit so I’m reaching out to all who are willing to step up and help, so far I have two wonderful people Sophie and Cody for a podcast called”Wifer4Lifer” they’ve done an episode on my case episode2 is my story check it out Isadore”Izzy”Barboza and share the podcast with everyone you know that would be very helpful, also donating to my cash app mentioned on part two of my story will be helpful be sure to put it exactly like this,,,
$IsadoreBarboza capital I and B in the first and last name thanks…
Well these past 7 years have been a struggle being taken away from my family for a crime I did not commit,locked away in the worst prison in the state of Georgia getting denied my appeals around every corner with this state knowing they’re wrong but won’t even honor there own laws which the supreme courts there self’s ruled on but denied me for the same violation against me ” The judge bolstering testimony” the supreme courts said shall ANY judge give his or her opinion as to the credibility of ANY witness a new trial must be granted, in my case the judge did exactly that,but the same court that said a new trial must be granted denied me so I need your help in getting a paid attorney, so please check out “Wifer4Lifer” and help a brother out…
And if you have any questions or concerns I can be reached two ways

1)Isadore Barboza 1001655192
2)Isadore Barboza
p.o. box 5368
Valdosta Game 31603

Sincerely an innocent Man,

DOC #1001655192

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