i am Jermaine Moore and as you can only imagine,i am a innocent brutalized victim of wrongful trail and imprisonment in this systemic racist institution.This is my true account of event’s that’s drastically changed my life,in which i could never be fully recovered from,what americans are starting to see is something that i’ve seen & experienced my whole life,i’ve been an activist my whole life,and price do i pay for the color of my skin.i have been down seven years and a half years,for i crime that i did not commit,this system is erronously causing me injury and aggrievious acts against me,this alledged crime was never fairly tried and was tragically caused injustice on the highest slevel that’s comprehensible to one’sethic’s,who’s my champion when i have been wronged by a system who oppresses me,this is my protest from the inside,ground zero PEACE & PROSPERITY FOR ALL

DOC #A689895

Categories: INNOCENCE, Jermaine Moore

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