by Samuel Jones Jr.

Thank God for never leaving me nor forsaking me.I am in prison for a crime I did not commit.I never thought getting set up was real and only happened in movies,until it happened to me.I been told that there is a lot of people who knows I was set up.But what was meant for evil only life,God will turn it out for my good.I lost so much since being incarcerated!But I gained more then I lost,mean my salvation!!!Thanks and honor to God.Yes it hurt sometimes,but God gives me the strength I need to get through or He carries me.As for the judicial system,I don’t trust,but put all my trust in God.Even when I can’t see no way out of my storm,I will continue to trust in God.Its hard for me not seeing my daughter,grand daughters,and my son.But through it all,it never crossed my mind to hate anyone involved with my being in prison.Then I realized that God will allow certain storms to come on us.But,guess what?All storms don’t come to destroy us.Some storms come to save and build us,leading us surrender to the love God has for us.No,I am not perfect and God is still working on me.In other words,I may not be where I need to be,but I thank God I am not where I was before I go saved!.Sometimes it’s hard for to smile,but I pray to God strength and keep on going.The enemy,the devil will try everything to get me to lose hope,but it is not going to happen! In the bible it say the Lord sets the prisoners free ..It did not say the D.A., the judge,the attorney or the Department of Corrections sets the prisoners free,a but the Lord does!!!I had to come to the realization that God is bigger then my circumstances or trials.So no matter what,my faith and trust in God,not man or the judicial system of this world.So I encourage everyone who reads this to trust in God! God bless you and I ask you to pray for me.

Samuel Jones Jr #350216
1630 Prison Red.
Cotton port,LA 71327

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