Demetrius Copeland

Today, Facts, by Demetrius Copeland

Today, in the time that we’re living
in, racial discrimination is the norm
of the of day, (damn) rather it’s in the justicial system
and our lives being treated as unequals
with so-called blind justice with verdicts
like Trayvon’s or failing indict with on
camera murders like Tamir’s or Eric Garners ..
These are our realities and have been
our realities before a body camera could
capture the gross injustice that still explained
away with a misconceived nation that
blacks are in heretly violent and that the
police are justified in some way of
killing a Black man, woman, boy or girl
merely because they claim “They were in fear of their lives”
when in fact we should be in fear ..
Today, Facts

Demetrius Copeland
DOC #459447
Contact Email: Jpay

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  1. Love you honey !! Love it !!!! Nice poem !!! Black lives matter!!!! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽


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