Yohannes Wilder

A Foreign Nationals Life, by Yohannes Wilder

My name is Yohannes W. Wilder I’m married to Chaila and have a son Richard who have been my life line through my incarcerated life . I’m a foreign national from Ethiopia I’ve been in this country since the 70’s I joined the army in1989 I did four years active service. While Korea I was involved in horrible vehicle vs. train accedent I suffered massive head injuries and I suffer from T.B.I. P.T.S.D. and multiple other physical ailments. I got locked up in 1995 – 2006 remained free for 11months before being locked back up in 2007 because of the injuries I suffered in the military and my addiction to prescription pain meds I left the military with a drug habit which I got no help from the military and I didn’t get disability compensation until 2016over 20 some odd years of trying. I will end this intro till my next blog but before I end I would like to thank you for allowing me a platform to share my story and thoughts. And you the reader I thank you for your time and feedback to you I will only state facts as such and mine and others opinions as such in ending we should all strive to be truthfull. Fighters of evil and lies and protectors of the weak and those who can not protect them selves again thank you

Yohannes W.Wilder
DOC #1030583

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