Josh Blount

Simple Things, by Josh Blount

I was talking to a buddy while we were waiting for chapel a couple of days ago. We got on the subject how chapel service and NA meetings make you feel somewhat human again. Interacting with other people on a personal level, shaking hands calling each other by name.

That’s probably something most people don’t spend time thinking about. But in my environment everything is meant to dehumanize us. Most of the time you are known as a number or your bed location. The food and living arrangements are barely above zoo level.

Personal interaction and genuine human connection is a rare thing.

Unfortunately, it seems like the outside world is getting more and more like this as well, with technology and the business of every day life.

Don’t ever take the simple things for granted. A hug or a pat on the back. Looking someone in the eyes as you have an actual face to face conversation.

We need each other and that will never change.

Josh Blount

DOC #270640


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