Charles Dorsey

EMBRACING THE CALL, by Charles Dorsey

“If you have a healthy root system, the immune system of that plant is extraordinary. And a non-stressed plant is actually invisible to your pests and diseases. The insect literally can’t see the plants that are not calling for help. As soon as you stress a corn or tomato plant or whatever it is, it sends out chemokines or chemicals that are saying that it is a stressed, diseased plant. And nature’s response is , “Oh, we are going to clean that up.” And the insects come in. The fungi come in. The molds come in. The yeasts come in. And they are not attacking the plant. They are just trying to metabolize that sick and stressed out- plant back into nature so that healthy plants can take back over. Our response is, “Oh my gosh, all these things are against us. We need to kill all of that.” And so we have to pull our way out of that kind of chemical warfare mentality that nature is against us and let nature take back our agricultural belief system.” – Dr. Zack Bush

The foregoing paragraph may be the most profound explanation of the “mysterious” workings of life and is, in my estimation, the key to overstanding why death and evil is such a beautiful part of the life process. How we respond to “evil” and ” death” is very important to our getting the most out of life’s seemingly tragic occurrences.
We are living in one of the most trying times in the history of mankind being brought on by the Corona virus, aka Covid 19. Now, go back and read the quote at the beginning of this writing. Don’t you see now the purpose of this virus? The things that we term as “evil” are nature’s way of balancing nature and removing that which has sent the call out to death. There are three types of death: spiritual death, mental death, and physical death. Man, just as the plant does, can unconsciously send out the call of death to Nature (God) and thereby effectively bring on the their own death. When we begin to live according to the ways of death we send out the message that we no longer desire to live. These “agents” of God are faithful in doing what they were assigned to do. So, when Nature sends us a warning in the form of epidemics and if the warning is not heeded to the next round gets progressively worse. Remember the Egyptians in the Bible?

So many people are in such a hurry for things to get back to “normal,” but don’t we realize that there was nothing normal about pre-corona? This is a wake up-call to the whole world to examine ourselves, and if we be found to be in violation of Nature’s laws, to get back in sync before its too late.

We must learn to put people before money and the other trivial things that we are so fervently pursuing, and these at the expense of our own soul. This pandemic is forcing many of us to reconnect to the human race. We have lost the love we should have for each other and especially our own family. We must remember that no one is an island unto themselves, we are all intimately connected and what affects one affects all. Most of us treat our pets better than we treat other human beings who are also made in the image of the Creator.

Even the wild animals see the benefits of humans not being able to come out. They are walking down then streets, playing on the beaches and in the national parks. The air is the cleanest it’s been in decades, Mt. Kilimanjaro is visible from the ground for the first time in years. All of this is proof positive of the harmful effects of human behavior on this planet. This planet is cleansing herself and giving man a good look at what it’s irresponsible behavior was doing to her.

Will we as humans seek to improve our behavior or will we go back to business as usual? For our sakes I hope it’s not the latter!

Charles Dorsey
DOC #1126323
Lunenburg Correctional Center

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  1. Very insightful and interesting! Loved reading your opinion i certainly had not thought about the coronavirus that way, thank you for sharing!


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