Carlton Turner

A Journey thru Hell 2 get 2 Heaven (Part 2), by Carlton Turner

I mentioned in my last blog how meditation and writing helped me 2 discover a light shining within me. I discovered a talent 2 enter N2 the faculties of my imagination and create.

Mostly drawing from my experiences I take what I believe God has shown me on a spirtual level and I incorporate these things N2 screenplays that I write. As of this writing I’ve written 12 full length screenplays.

B/c of the positive feedback I get from letting people read my material I endeavor 2 let a professional read my work and get their professional opinion as 2 whether or not I have what it takes 2 place my material on the market. I definitely aspire 2 become a screenwriter but the only thing preventing me from getting my material onto the market or read is the fact that b/c of my circumstances I’m unable 2 type my material. And any aspiring screenwriter can attest 2 the fact that trying 2 find someone in the movie industry who will read unsolicited, handwritten material is akin 2 finding a needle in a haystack. And it’s even harder for someone in my predicament. But I have faith it can happen.

Writing is a form of therapy for me and helps me escape how maddening this environment can be, especially now w/ the Covid 19 virus spreading amongst us killing friends, family, our neighbors taking the lives of many people who will be missed. Many people are anxious and dreading this virus will take them or someone close 2 them, especially if they have underlying health issues, while some people are not concerned what will happen next. Me, myself, I am very concerned for my family and I try 2 stay in contact w/ them as often as possible 2 ensure they are alright and 2 let them know that I am well b/c we are sitting ducks here in prison. I am currently housed at EHCC ( Elayn Hunt Correctional Center) in St. Gabriel,LA. The staff here doesn’t explain 2 anyone what precautions we need 2 take 2 prevent catching this virus or spreading it. Whether the person is elderly w/ underlying health issues, deaf, blind, mute, illiterate, etc. no one is being informed about anything. So there is a lot of tension and worry right now b/c the medical staff isn’t making rounds, no one is being tested, and we aren’t being issued proper protective equipment. Plus we don’t get proper cleaning supplies or cleaning materials. The dorm I am currently housed in is so dirty only animals or Trolls would feel comfortable living and sleeping in this type of filth. And during a time like this U would think the people over this institution would be more concerned about providing a cleaner environment but they make rounds and see the way things are and do nothing about it. No one in society would ever believe what we are experiencing right now unless they were 2 come here and pay this place a visit and see it w/ their own eyes. And I’m not saying the entire prison is this way. But in Beaver 5 dorm where I am currently housed it most definitely is.

So, me for one, I definitely find escape and some form of peace of mind thru meditation and writing. It takes my mind off my problems and worries, albeit temporarily. I also entertain the hope that if I can somehow manage 2 get my material into the hands of someone who can give me their professional insight it will help me better develop my craft at writing and give me knowledge of how 2 become a successful screenwriter. I’ve read several books on screenwriting including Syd Field’s book, Blake Snyder’s book and Dave Trottier’s book, which were all very helpful in giving me an understanding of screenwriting stucture and formate.Hopefully everything I have learned will help me 2 go on 2 successfully sell some of my material or get a job as a screenwriter if I can get out. Money from selling my material would definitely help my struggling family out during a time like this and allow me 2 afford 2 hire someone who can possibly help me get my case opened back up. So it would very much benefit me if I can find someone who can steer me in the right direction. As a result I know that God will take the light He has allowed 2 develop in me and use my situation 2 guide others on their journeys thru hell, or whatever they may be going thru, 2 help them realize heaven is within reach.

Carlton Turner
DOC #372940

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