Kourtney Douglas

by Kourtney Douglas

My name is Kourtney Douglas. I’m 31 yr. old. I’m currently incarcerated in Raymond Laborde Correctional Center in Cottonport, Louisiana. My d.o.c. number is 00545344 for anyone who would like to contact me through jpay. For pics of me u may go on my Facebook page. My name is Richie Porter Gotti on Facebook. I would like to share a piece of my thoughts tonight. I’m laying in the bed wondering if there is a woman out there for me. I’ve been alive 31 years and I’ve been incarcerated 13 of those years. I’ve never experienced real love and never really cared to until as of late. Now I phen to know what real love feels like. I’ve been single 4 years now and even in my last relationship I didn’t experience real love. As I reflect on that relationship I feel it was my fault I didn’t experience real love because I felt I had to much time left. At the present I have 30 months left and I wanna find real love now so I won’t have to search once I’m released. I want to find the woman of my dreams so we can be selfish with each other hearts. I want a woman who will let me love her more than anyone has ever before. I don’t wanna be alone in this world anymore. I want a soulmate. I’ve matured to a state I never thought I could’ve reached and I want to be with a person who can love me like no other person. I want to fall in love with a personality not a face or body.Faces and bodies deteriorate in the long run but personalities remain the same because a persons inner is who they really are. In closing I just want the woman of my dreams to know the man of her dreams is finally ready to love unconditionally. I know it might seem I’m to far but in reality all it takes is one contact between the 2 of us to establish the most important part of love: communication. If we establish the mental now the physical will follow.

Kourtney Douglas
DOC #00545344
Louisiana. I’m one jpay away.

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