Anthony Waters

WHAT I WAS MISSING, by Anthony L. Waters


What I was missing was your loyalty,
and your love writing in my heart like it was poetry,
What I was missing was your fruit of the spirit that gave me food,
I Was Missing U.
by my storms I was transformed from the objective to the subjective realm,
I’m from where being black and making it is still slim,
everyday my brightness in my heart becomes dem,
yet my God made me a gem.

so once I sat down and did the math,
I breathe life on this righteous path,
first I learn my colors then the others,
like BLACK is “excluded”
COLORS are “artifical”
Negro means “dead”
harsh words for a man got me shaking my head,
traumatized from the evil I seen with my eyes,
it took me to look in a mirrow to see I am the prize
careful not to let us read the truth,
because they knew we was living proof,
so what I was missing was what I thought that I knew…

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

Categories: Anthony Waters, poems

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