Archie Wilder

by Archie Wilder

What is the most valuable thing that a human can have? Now really think about that before you answer that. Because it depends on your background and your upbringing, to what you hold of true value.Some will say wealth, others will say good health.Some will say a happy family life. Rather its any of those things,or something else. Their is one thing that we all need in or order to accomplish any of them.Time. Regardless to if you are young or old,black or white,rich or poor.Every person on this planet gets the same amount of seconds, minutes, and hours in a day.Their is nothing more valuable than time.And its something that most people wish they had more of.People throughout history have done numerous things to prolong their life because they wanted more time. The ancient Chinese would drink elixirs mixed with mercury to try to gain immortality.(more time) Today people eat healthy and workout. Some have their bodies frozen at death so that they can be thawed out when scientists find a cure for death.But its all in an attempt to have more time.But the sad reality is that most of us do not appreciate the time that we do have. Most people waste this priceless gift.Especially in this environment. Their is a old prison saying that says:DO THE TIME, AND DON’T LET THE TIME DO YOU. And most guys don’t get that concept. No one can stop time, its going to eventually pass. So when you look back on your life what do you want to say you did with yours?Make memories with your time. Use it to find your hidden talents, spend it with the ones you love.Don’t waste it on worthless things or people. We can start this type thinking whenever we are ready. We can start it right now. We can decide to not waste anymore of this precious gift that’s not promised to any of us.Appreciate this gift that every human being on this planet gets the same amount of.

Archie Wilder
DOC #A414917

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