Angelo Vasquez

by Angelo Vasquez

Something Damien Echols said he did was to bring forth a traumatic memory and to give it healing energy. I did this and instantly felt the difference, the inspiration that this works and can be done not just towards me but to the others at the memory.
I bring forth the scene of April 3rd 2006 a Monday and I see all six of us there, the gravel on the floor crunching beneath our feet. I approach my 16 year old self as a large orb of silver light and I embrace this child who’s unknowingly about to see and feel terror. I do this to each one of us, my projection through embrace is in the stream of “rest assured, all of what is to come will pass.”
I have to fight off the desire of leaving and going through with what happens next…but I stay, every time I stay with them and I never leave with the 16 year old me. I stay with the fallen.
I really do care and upon release I will find a solution to prevent juvenile violence.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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