Jacob Tyler

Property of the State, by Jacob Tyler

I am a Inmate at Lebanon correctional. I am 32 and I have been down going on 10 years.


“Property of the State”

Here I sit behind these walls of concrete and steel
Left feeling like this is merely a dream, Yet too real
I played the hand I was dealt and gambled on my own fate, Now I sit here yet again “Property of the State”.
This seems to be all that I know, just a lost soul with no place to go.
It’s here that I find sanity in the depths of insanity, for here there is no room it has no place for vanity.
So I sit here and dig deep down inside to try and understand me, Who am I and who do I want to be???
Questions of life that seem to have no answer in the end.
This is the hardest thing we as people must come to comprehend.
Behind these walls left to dwell all alone, All of us here are the same regardless of our skin tone.
Men wanting and waiting for our freedom to come again while dealing with the demon’s we hold deep within.
But here I sit again “Property of the State”
The End….

Jacob Tyler
DOC #A637-268

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