Jesse Stinson

NOT SO COMMON, by Jesse M. Stinson


The American Legal Justice system was built on a common need for the protection of it people and there interest. The Constitution demanded that all of the newly United States follow along, Setting the standard emphasising to all that the Common Law can NOT be abrogated. Meaning simply you can’t take it away and wow, we have came a long way, from Curia Regis to the Laws of the states today, creating and entrusting a standard of conduct for our sheriffs, deputies and Marshalls, made by “the people” for “the people”. I can’t act like it didn’t hurt my soul the day I found out that I wasn’t one of “the people”. I had to take a seat. I cut on the idiot box and became a witness to the tyranny, in my nieborhood. A place where the law ain’t so common. SMFH. Somebody go ahead put me on the stand I’ll testify , I’ll Stand! I’ll explain the unadulterated opinion and actions of my Government thus far, tracing there words with my pen but, as I do I can’t help but feel a mixture of volatile emotions start to boil within, I take a breath and pray for a little bit more self control sitting on this stand, continuing to read outloud, the opinion of the united states when it came to the individual and public interests of Dred Scott. To be honest, it seemed like it was more of a covenant than a mistake because ,in all these years, instead of directly overruling it, they just buried it. A secret wink that I seen with my own 2 eye and don’t try to hit me with the no slavery amendment. I guess that’s why Black Men and children found frolicking the urban landscape are being selected,prosecuted, and executed on the spot with no recourse and and the usual story they where either thought to be reaching for a weapon, acting suspicious or smelled like pot. Who really Cares? In my parinoid mind I feel like “they” were sending a message to me and the others who can read between the lines. There are 5 ways to apologize and I never seemed to see you offer one. You never expressed you were sorry, excepted that you were wrong, offered restitution, changed your behavior, or requested forgiveness. Oh! you thought by changing the narrative you could somehow lessen the backlash? Well, maybe in your community but it mine where we see the effects, you silence says plenty. Can I show you something please? come ride with me, to this rally down home. I promise it won’t take long. Let me show you something “common”. Now come from over there, stand right here with me, in the middle of this Street. you ready? now look to the left. No! not your left, my left. You see the pride emanating from those pale faces standing in the sun. listen to them. White Power, White Power! Now turn to my Right. Can you see it? the Anger and Pride emanating from those dark faces standing in a shadow of their own making. Now, tell me what is “Common” between the 2? Yea, that’s right they have there Humanity, Ideology, and there Ego. I guess they didn’t get the memo. Its cool to be proud of where you come from and who you are but in truth there is no better Race. What I’m really implying is if this is a race then where the hell is the finish line ? This is it, right here? This modern day pitiful mascaraed of Mankind, completely consumed in a race we compare to rodents who scavenge the earth, who’s sole purpose is to devour. smh. I imagine you’ll have to look far and wide to find Kind. We’re so busy looking side to side, in search of Cheese, that eventually we forgot to look up. Right at this moment I’m saying a prayer with Mr. C. S. Lewis that the human race never escapes Earth to spread its iniquities elsewhere. To spread its destruction elsewhere, to spread its hate elsewhere and if you need to see the product of what we are capable of just look around you. Lately it seems like its more Negative than Positive. its subjective just like Freedom and Justice in my hood, yea right. I mean I was nieve once, back when I believed in Justice, until I got introduced to a guy named Terry Stop, he told me I looked like a dude who kicked someones door on another block, I went to jail looked around and seen Just-Us , except for the majority of the euro druggist and you see how they cleaned that up. I came home and watched the police criminalizing our youth 13,14,and 15. There goes that wink again, like I didn’t catch it, Like the Niggers live in a perpetual state of criminality because you seen the rap videos and the statistics. uhhmm for the record were not all alike, your numbers don’t represent me. I speak for all mutant-kind, that’s what we are to you, Stan Lee went deeper than you thought. sure some of us have the power to run fast, jump, high & move smoothly but to you its only the ones you can benefit from or control who are the ‘Good ones’. You think the rest of us should stay hiding in plain sight. I understand cause I’ve seen that if one of us stand against who you want us to be we are considered Gang members, Domestic Terrorist and a threat to “normal people” throughout this country But do not fret Normal people your governments got your back. they’ve already assembled an armed task force.
Remember the sheriff use to be elected by his peers. Once elected he would serve and protect his neighbors. Now you stay 33 miles away in a secluded community. if I was in trouble I couldn’t walk to your house for help, if I was lost I couldn’t come to your office for advice. I couldn’t even walk through your community. Freedom and Justice are not words we write but ones we call for action and be willing to die for. I don’t have to say it cause I know you can see it on my face, buy I will anyway, I AM TIRED its the year of our lord 2019 and I’m still going to court asking to be treated fairly, Woman around the World are still asking to be treated equally……

Humans are still trying to prove that love does not have to fit into your box, Young Men and Kids are still being murdered because of your ignorance. It doesn’t take four walls to create a prison yet you miss the fact that this is someone else’s land , so you too are immigrants. I come in the name Anu and all that is sacred on this earth. You have falsely Imprisoned good men, slaughtered my brothers, laid waste to my children who may have grown to become witnesses to your tyranny maybe to become agents of change, you have defiled my name and in the process made yourselves the victim and refuse to make what is wrong, right. continue to grasp tight at the power you think you hold because well, right at this moment I’m putting you on notice your time has ended . I wish you peace on your journey.
A Young black male.

DRC# A710-916

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