Davin Wallace

PRAISE GOD-(1) The Promises, by Davin L. Wallace

The Lord will plant who He will & He will raise up who He will. The Lord will deliver who He will, punish, correct & discipline who He will. Its by God’s grace we live in this world & by His grace we return home & one day delivered from this world for God’s perfect & good divine purpose that we have & live the life He has called us to live now & in eternity w/Him.
Im experiencing God’s love, guidance & peace as He continue to walk me through some mental, spiritual & even physical strengthening & renewing. On February 17th 2019 I begin losing mass amounts of blood daily for about eleven days straight. On the 5th day I was literally wondering why haven’t I passed out or died. But by the grace of God I took up the peace in & from God without panicking. From day one I’ve been standing in the power of God thru His scriptures/promises. I know nothing can happen to me, a child of God without a godly purpose that God Himself got to approve. So I’ve been confident that, “nothing created to come against me shall prosper; & All things work together for my good, for whom loves the Lord”. February 29th was my 5th day in medical & I don’t know what’s causing the blood lost nor when it will stop. I know w/out a shadow of a doubt that God is w/me & that my life has been predestined although at times during the course of this journey, myself or Satan has tried to change the course that God has predestined. And thats why me standing on God’s Word in faith is necessary so God can get the glory everytime Im delivered & healed, not the physical ailment which I believe is just an opportunity to trust & draw closer to my Lord. God’s will is always predestined & necessary. I dont believe this sickness & my incarceration was ever God’s intentions or desires for me, but may be the avenues He allowed me to travel to get a stubborn me to what, where & or who God had predestined for me. He been started something special w/me & He completes what He starts even thru times of suffering. I don’t mind suffering for the sake of correcton, discipline & chastisement because looking beyond the suffering to Christ where the deliverace & healing is secured, I know its for my & others greater, & it honors the one who died for me when I trust in Him to be who He say He is as my Redeemer. Whatever the doctor says I’m literally good, but in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ I declare Im already healed by the stripes wounds & blood, & delivered by the death, burial & ressurection of my Lord & savior of my life internally & externally for eternity. This past Sunday February 24th at church we had communion, afterwards I was placed in medical isolation where I got to fellowship with & concecrate unto my Abba Father. God was definitely with me, comforting me & speaking to me. I met the doctor here who I know God intended me to meet & recognize as a true child of God. I know for a fact the allowing me to go thru this physical ailment & placed in medical housing is all part of God’s intentions for a greater purpose than what the natural eye & mind could comprehend. After a few days in an isolated room I was placed in a dorm medical cell w/two guys who I’ve had the opportunity to fellowship & pray with. It’s real beautiful & vivid how God’s love is shown thru many brothers & sisters in Christ & even non believers(inmates, security, medical & ministration) as they visited & prayed for me. Now I wait patiently & in faith to see what God has prepared next. God is Good/Great, I Praise & Love God!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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