Can You Stand The Rain? by Scott Mitchell

My favorite song of all time is called “CAN YOU STAND THE RAIN” by a group called New Edition.The thing that I love most about this song is the fact that the guys who are singing are telling the girls they are singing to that they need someone who isn’t just going to be there on the sunny days. They need someone who can stand the rainy days too. It’s such a beautiful thought. Someone who will love you NO MATTER WHAT. I love that song because I love the idea of love. Love so strong, and so true, that it won’t turn on you and run away when it rains. Take me for example, I know all the days won’t be perfect. I can weather the storm.Through the good times, and the bad times, I will always be right there. I’ll do whatever needs to be done. Sunny days, everybody loves them, but I’ll be there when it rains too. If I’m willing to do this, than why can’t I find someone who can be there for me when it rains? I don’t think anyone likes the rain, but I’d rather be there in it together, than to leave you in it all by yourself. So let me ask you this, Can you stand the rain?

Scott Mitchell #A636258
PO Box 901
Leavittsburg, OH. 44430

Categories: music, Scott Mitchell

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