Timothy Kearney

Ventilation System “Just Venting” *Friendship First* By Timothy Kearney

One night I was watching “Raq Rants” on B.E.T..And Jada Pinkett Smith was on the show with her family and she was asked a question..What is it that makes a relationship last as long as hers and Will’s..What she said was..”Friendship”. That made me think about my past relationships..it made me really “reflect”.. did I have any real friendships in any of my serious relationships..and it amazed me that I started all my relationships off instantly with intimacy..now within them real friendships grew..well I really can’t say that because I really didn’t socialize with any of my exes except for one..and that one was always sexual..so then that’s a no on real friendships with all my serious relationships..me personally I consider myself a charismatic guy..I had an abundance of friendships..men and women friends everywhere..I was a likeable guy..but to know that I didn’t have any authentic friendships outside of relationships with any of the women I truly cared about hurts..thats why I’ll make it a must that when I do meet the woman I would like to be with..friendship first..I promise to really build that first.. now that’s going to be a true test after coming home from more than ten years of incarceration..but that’s why I do this..and “this”.. is think about my future.. my future with “Her”..because building that friendship will allow us to have trust,communication, honesty, loyalty, love,companionship, respect,and compatibility with each other..it will allow us to be kind with each other, courteous, and friendly should it not work for whatever reasons..but I’ll do my best not to allow that last part to occur..I’m currently listening to The album H.E.R. by H.E.R. and it seemingly is the perfect album for the way I feel..I honestly can’t believe that me..the guy who lives and dies by the codes of friendship didn’t have that..now don’t get me wrong I had fun with all who I was involved with..(40 years old and 4 serious relationships to clarify)..I had friendships but they simply evolved throughout the relationship because of my personality..and being together for years..in each of my 4 relationships it was a time period of at least 3 years..never less..I want to know what its like to have Friendship first.. mind you..my goal is to marry “Her”.. Whomever she is..I look forward to getting to know “Her”..from the beginning..maybe becoming friends first is the key to longevity like Jada said..at the same time I still believe you can build a serious friendship even if chemistry does takeover and forces that instant relationship..because if my past hadn’t caught up with me I truly believe I’d be happily marry to this one young lady..well as the saying goes..”Only time will tell”.. for those who do read my Ventilation letters..I am who and what I write about..a picture is coming as soon as I can convince one of my two daughters to send one..my babies so jealous..and they’re 21 and 18..Daddy’s little girls..til the death of me..(B.A.S)..Big Ass Smile
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Timothy Kearney
DOC #1174098

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