Anthony Waters

poetry: Gator’s prison thought’s by ANTHONY L.WATERS

I know life is fast but in bad situations things can move slow,
middle finger up to negative people who won’t grow.

I’m relevant,
I’m gone live forever like dead presidents,
so if u not talking dollars u ain’t making cents,

I understand real life issues makes us use tissues
and being put into certain positions hurt like tight shoes,
I love red but I rather give u the blues,
breaking news,
a carpenter can’t build a house without the proper tools.

can’t let material matters,
stop u from focusing on things that really matters,
people scatter when their dreams seems broken &shattered,
so I let negative things go like a weak bladder.

its true,
I was moving fast chasing the cash,
I was once behind the flash when the gun blast,

many times I thought about life and laugh,
not knowing I chose my own path.

because of my self destruction I never got the chance to say my final good bye and wiped the tears from my children eyes.

no more moving at a fast paste just taking my time,
did to many crimes and can’t relax my mind.

it’s feel like I’m standing in the mist of a tropical storm,
sad ass hell,
some days I wish I wasn’t even born,
I lost more than I gain so I transformed,
they tell me not to be alarmed,
when every move I make I got to be armed.

self medicated so my next move have to be premeditated,

I took slams,
me and life went head to head like two raging rams,
when I fail it seemed the entire world was filled with laughter,
until I turn the page of my life and wrote the next chapter.

I’m to blessed for stress so don’t low a case my Gee,
I’m taking all my energy and putting it back inside of me..

low self-esteem is the making of a fiend,
but understand a price is next to nothing compared to one man dream..

your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same..

peace to the true and living..

Anthony L. Waters
DOC #720-786

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