Dontay Horton

Introducing Dontay Horton

My name is Dontay horton, I’m 28 years old, My prison locattion is lebanon correctional institution.I have been in prisonn since 2013, My out date is 2033, my contact info is Dontay Horton, #623-375 P.O.Box 56 Lebanon Ohio 45036.I can also be reached by email at Inmate# 623-375

What up world? its the young, handsome and blessed. I’m a open minded person, who’s intelligent & intellectual.Being creative is what makes me unique.I love to lead, listen and learn.I enjoy reading because it stimulates the mind.My hobbies include writting music, Poetry, and books.I write to express myself.I’m down to earth & trust worthy.I believe that every friendship should be built on trust, because its the hardest thing to find and the easiest thing to lose.Strenghtening my spirit is something that i do often, and would like to share.I have a vision on getting released sooner than expected.I’m looking forward to hearing from that special someone, and starting a fantastic friendship.


Dontay Horton #623-375
Ohio state penitentiary
878 coutsville hubbard road
youngstown ohio 44505
Sexy dreadz1

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