“Bee Keeping At Lee Arrendale State Prison” By Kari Newberry

Today was a beautiful spring like day….as I enjoyed the first warm weather in some time my thoughts went to our few remaining honey bees….we did have 6 regular hives and one top bar hive but over the long winter we have lost 4 hives including the top bar hive…..the honey bee program at Lee Arrendale is in its second year….one class has already became certified bee keepers thru the University of Georgia ….I am preparing to take the test in June ….I LOVE THE HONEY BEES and love this program …..Julia Muhood and Virginia Webb have been outstanding teachers and have taught me so much going above and beyond to share there love of all things Honey Bee……we owe so much to this amazing insect…..I am continually amazed by the bee…..and am most thankful for this program

Kari Newberry
DOC #952642

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