Washington State Legislature (part 3), by James Chambers

Washington State Legislature Wa State Doc Healthy food would better serve Doc mandated duty to return men and women to community with every positive tool available so they can be successful ! Our legislature should be investing money in reducing recidavism and safer communities ! Not spending money with CI on products thay can purchase awhole lot cheaper though private venders . Because doing business on open market allows private business to compete for business . As it stands right now CI automaticly gets all the states business . There for they also get to set prices that private business would never get away with ! CI gets to use inmates to build products or make food items at almost no cost to CI .But they still sell products at huge marked prices. Which is really just taxpayers money going to more state employees that are being hired everyday at CI ! with no benefit to taxpayers and actually causing them harm ! more coming tbct thank you

James Chambers
DOC #743702

Categories: health, James Chambers

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