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Being – open minded can be really tough sometimes.

Most of us are brought up in set beliefs and values and throughout our lives, tend to surround ourselves with people who share the same values and beliefs.

It can be difficult when we’re faced with ideas that challenge your own and, though we may wish to be open-minded, we may struggle with the act of it from time to time.

I’d like to say that I’m fairly open-minded person, but, like most people, I do have some pertty strong views about specific topics and find it hard to sway from those opinions no matter how others might try to persuade me.

And though I still struggle with being open-minded, all the time, I do my best to stop and think about what’s happening and how I act.

Of course, I fully believe that having strong beliefs can be a wonderful thing and I believe we should all stay true to what we believe in. But having strong beliefs doesn’t have to mean having a closed mind.

It can be tough to do sometimes. I have always found when I open my mind, I have reaped a lot of rewarding benefits.
There is much to be gained from opening the door to your mind and letting new ideas and beliefs come in.

When you open your mind, you allow yourself to experience new ideas and thoughts. Things that challenge the beliefs you currently have.

It can be very liberating to look at the world with an open-mind, how you think and view the world too.

One of the scariest things about seeing the world through an open mind is making yourself vulnerable. This vulnerability can be terrifying and exhilarating.

Your admitting you don’t know everything and there are possibilities you may not have considered.

Making mistakes isn’t always a bad thing. It can be beneficial too. When you allow yourself to see things from others perspectives, you allow yourself to not only recognize potential mistakes you’ve made, but also make new ones.

Doesn’t sound like much fun, but it is a great thing to fall and get back up again.

It provides a platform on which you can build, piling one idea on top of another.

Everything you experience can add up, strengthen who you are and what you believe in. It’s very hard to build on experiences with a closed mind.

I have gained confidence because I have learned to have and live with an open mind. I’m not confined by my own beliefs nor am I confined by the beliefs of others.

For that reason I am able to gain confidence as I learn more and more about the world around me.

For some, being open-minded is easy. It comes as effortlessly as breathing. For others, having an open mind can be more of a challenge. Something they have to work on and make an effort to obtain. Some people, it’s just plain off the table. There’s no enlightenment at all.

Its not always an easy thing to do (believe me most people struggle with this), but the effort to think like this and embrace new ideas will be worth it in the end.

When your able to take part of the benefits that comes from opening your mind life will become much better. At least it has for me.

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Jesse Bailey
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