Jonathan Gordon


Thanks/Praise to God

I write to you my friends this next series about falsely convicted people.

As you know, I am on a mission to bring light to the INJUSTICES in this system that I am confined to.

False convictions is just about as UNJUST as it gets!!!
Every year in this country (USA) countless thousands of people are sentenced or forced by violence to confess to crimes they never committed, or in some case never existed.

So this series is a compilation of info I put together from such sources as the Innocence Project, Wikipedia, Huffington Post, Jeff Kukucka, Mark Godsey, David A Love, Dennis Parker, Reuters, David Lohr, & Prison Legal News:

Please take this seriously, more seriously than anything I have said before!!!

These are the most common reasons people are falsely convicted:

The most common reason is: false eyewitness identification

Unreliable or misused forensic science.
Some scientific techniques like bite mark analysis aren’t actually as reliable as people used to believe they were.

Misconduct by the government meaning: police, prosecutors, judges, courts, ect.
And lying informants (snitches).

Bad, umprofessional & incompetent defense lawyers.

In about 25% of all exonerations based off DNA, innocent people were threatened & coerced into false confessions.

Here are a few quick stats for you:

The average exonerated person does 13.5 years before they
are released.

70% of exonerated people are non-white

In 40% of the exonerated cases, the actual person who committed the crime is never found.

Around 50% of the people who are exonerated get MONEY!!! as compensation.

From 1989-2015, the National Registry of Exonerations said that 1,579 people was exonerated in the USA.

From 1989-2014, it is said that 316 people were exonerated by DNA testing.
18 of those people were on death row.

Anyone who believes that everyone in prison is guilty & gets what they got coming because they are a criminal should think again!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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